giovedì 3 novembre 2022

• Private healthcare can save the NHS, but only if we stop demonising it

THE TELEGRAPH Londra  -  (Karol Sikora) -  Certain sections of the
medical community would have me burnt at the stake for publicly declaring my concerns about how the health service is run in our country. It is heresy to even mention the word “private” in any capacity and many think  those that do must be silenced.
 I gave decades of my life to the NHS. Training at Cambridge and Middlesex Hospital, then as a Junior Physician in London Cambridge and in the USA, followed by many happy years at Hammersmith Hospital, treating thousands of patients along the way. In recent years, I’ve been primarily involved in creating new initiatives in the private sector, so it’s fair to say that I have a reasonable idea of ​​how the two systems balance each other out. The big arguments about how to organize health services are irrelevant. However, I believe the private health industry...

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