martedì 25 ottobre 2022

• Five million Britons invited to take part in world’s biggest health study

THE TIMES Londra  - (Tom Whipple) - The study will monitor people’s health as they age with the aim of preventing and treating disease earlier. Five million Britons are set to be invited to take part in one of the world’s most ambitious health projects as scientists seek ways to catch and treat disease earlier. Our Future Health programme, a collaboration between the NHS, academics and the private sector, is an attempt to find ways to make a difference to people’s health sooner by monitoring millions of people as they age. Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford and chairman of the project, said that the goal was to “fundamentally change the way we think about healthcare”.  Three million invitations are set to go out this autumn, with plans to recruit a representative sample of five million Britons or more by 2025. Participants will have their blood taken... >>>

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