venerdì 20 gennaio 2023

• Keir Starmer unveils private health plan - saying he's 'not privatising the NHS'

MIRROR Londra  -  (Dan Bloom) - Keir Starmer today defended his plan to use private doctors to clear waiting lists - saying: “We’re not talking about privatising the NHS.” The Labour leader said 233,000 more patients could have been seen in nine months if his plan to use spare private sector capacity had gone ahead. He was confronted live on Sky News with his own 2020 leadership pledge to “end outsourcing in our NHS” - which he has dropped.
The pledge said “public services should be in public hands, not making profits for shareholders”.

Defending his U-turn, he told Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “We've got to acknowledge the health service is not just on its knees - it's on its face.”
He added: “As we sit here today, there are 7.2 million people on the waiting list. Speak to anyone who works in the NHS and they'll tell you just how stressed it is.
“My wife works in the NHS. So I know this first hand.”...

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