mercoledì 15 marzo 2023

• Can Scotland learn from Ireland’s health service? Published

BBC  Londra   - (Susie Forrest) - The NHS in Scotland is looking for radical solutions to its problems so can it learn any lessons from its neighbour, Ireland? When Anne-Marie Davy's doctors found a large mass in her abdomen in 2015 they suspected it was cancer and said she urgently needed another scan. In Ireland's public health service, she was faced with a choice. She could wait several weeks or even months in the public health system or she could go private and be seen in days."You want to get it dealt with right away, because every day matters," says Anne-Marie, who is from Edinburgh but lives in Galway."I didn't have health insurance but I had to find the money to go private, because I was told I was an urgent case,"...>>>

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