martedì 6 dicembre 2022

• Private healthcare for £4.50 a month? Yes, it is possible

 Londra  - (Stella Smith) - On Sunday morning I had a call from an ex-partner, Valentina, who had crippling stomach pain and she was panicking about the prospect of having to seek medical help. There was no realistic chance of getting a last-minute GP appointment without paying a lot for a private appointment. Recent headlines of chronic ambulance shortages, nursing strikes and record high waitlists put her off going to the local hospital. We all know the NHS is amazing – we are incredibly lucky to have such an egalitarian and comprehensive service comparative to many other places in the world – but it is creaking, and the scale of the impact is reaching unprecedented and worrying levels. Support for the NHS is always top of the political agenda and yet, somehow, it doesn’t ever seem to move meaningfully forward. Granted it is an enormous challenge... >>>

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