venerdì 23 settembre 2022

• Uk, Can the NHS learn from Germany’s health system?

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Londra  -  (Hugh Pym) - We love the NHS. We clapped for health workers and carers in the first wave of the pandemic. A large majority of us want to keep an NHS which is free at the point of use for all. But public satisfaction with the service has fallen to its lowest since 1997, according to a recent British Social Attitudes survey, and increasing numbers are not happy with the standards of care provided. Therese Coffey this week became the latest health secretary to pledge improvements for England, but are quick fixes possible, or is root-and-branch reform needed, and could other countries provide an answer? Germany has a public health system, but one which is funded in a wholly different way. According to the Commonwealth Fund think tank, around 86% of the population there are enrolled in schemes run by not-for-profit insurance organisations known as sickness funds...>>>

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