mercoledì 3 ottobre 2018


The Hamilton Spectator - Is Premier Doug Ford about to open the door wide for more and more private health care in Ontario? That's the fear among public health-care supporters who see growing signs that Ford will allow more for-profit health-care facilities in Ontario as part of his drive to slash government spending. Even inside the Ontario Health Ministry, there are mounting concerns about how to deal with the pressure being exerted on Ford by private health-care cheerleaders who insist Queen's Park can save vast sums of money by permitting more for-profit clinics and hospitals. These advocates, including politicians, insurance companies and conservative doctors and medical groups, are pushing hard right now because they see a perfect opening for their agenda. That's because Ford has vowed to cut spending by four per cent a year. The Health Ministry budget is the biggest at $61 billion annually, making it the largest target for Ford...>>>

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