giovedì 2 marzo 2017


Med Gadget - The average cell phone is dirtier than you might think. It has been estimated that a typical mobile phone could be up to six times dirtier than a public toilet and as many as one in four handsets could carry pathogenic bacteria. While we wash our hands, our phones rarely, if ever, get cleaned, and so they accumulate a significant level of contamination. This is a concern in healthcare facilities, where patients could be at risk of illness from introduced pathogens.While ethanol hand gels are provided in many hospitals, these are only of limited use if people immediately re-infect their hands by handling their cell phones or other mobile devices. Wiping every device with anti-bacterial wipes is not always practical and the chemical components can damage electronics. To help with this problem, CleanSlate, a company out of Toronto, Canada, has developed the CleanSlate UV Sanitizer, a rapid sanitization solution that can effectively reduce the level of contamination on mobile devices without the need for user training... >>>

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